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  "Where has this service been! Over the years I could have saved thousands of dollars and that doesn't count the loss from frustration and resent." -- L. Rasmussen

"I was referred to HIC (Home Improvement Club), loved them so much I referred others. Now my account keeps growing all because of others being satisfied and glad I told them." -- S. Kellems

"It sounded too good to be true. But it wasn't. Now I just make a call to Home Improvement Club whenever I need something for my house. My personal agent does the rest, and I save money to boot." -- M. Schneiderman

"My wife and I bought a bank owned house. I contacted a general contractor and we also were referred to HIC (Home Improvement Club). Not only did we save thousands, I had our personal supervisor managing the whole project from beginning to end which was a big time saver." -- D. Balantine

I'm a senior. I can't tell you how many times I have either spent too much or gotten too little from services for my home. Thank you, thank you, thank you Home Improvement Club." -- I. Decker

"A friend of mine referred me to Home Improvement Club for drywall and plumbing work on the foreclosure home I bought last February. I was surprised at how fast they did the work and I really liked that one company was able to do it all. Last month I wanted to get some French doors but figured it would cost an arm and a leg. Amanda found a beautiful set of French doors, a type I had never even seen before with a main center door and two screened side panels that open to allow a for a breeze to come through without blocking the main door - very cool! She understood what I was trying to achieve and went the extra mile to find exactly what would work best for me, and the whole job ended up being about 30% cheaper than what I was was quoted by a contractor. The $99 membership paid for itself right there. I would honestly say Joining the Home Improvement Club is the single best investment I've made and I will gladly recommend this company from now on to anyone who has a fixer-upper." -- D. Larson
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